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Parenting: I am a parent. I am not a parenting expert. I write about my own experiences as a parent. Your mileage may vary.  Please take what I write into consideration, but do not think that I am decreeing anything about parenting that must be adhered to by all parents.

Home Education/Homeschooling: We educate our daughter at home. I believe that this is a powerful option for many families. I do not look down on people who make other choices.  I am passionate and I do have strong opinions about education, but please do not take my passion for home education as a condemnation of other choices. Many of my dearest friends are teachers or have been teachers. I love home education. And I love teachers who feel called to continue on in schools.

Comments: I love comments.  Truly. I am honored that someone takes the time to write up a response to something I’ve posted here.  I think about every comment, even if I don’t respond directly to it.

I love discussions. I enjoy so much what I learn from the people who comment.

I dislike conflict.  Really.  I’m an INFJ and conflict is just poison to me, my mind and my body.

So based on that… Here’s the deal…

Anyone is welcome to comment here.

I don’t allow personal attacks, snarky comments or the like.

This is a blog that assumes Christianity is true, Jesus is the Savior, and we can have salvation through His work on the cross.  We don’t debate the validity of these topics here.

This is a blog that assumes the authority of the Scriptures in the life of Christians. While we may not all agree on every interpretation, the authority of Scriptures is not up for debate here.

No profanity or vulgarity. Period. I delete all comments with this.

Thank you for participating!

Affiliate and Referral Links: This blog contains both.  They are not always marked. I frequently link to Amazon with an affiliate link. A Quiet Simple Life is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Sponsorships: I do accept sponsorships on my site as long as they are tasteful and relevant to my readership. Feel free to contact me to discuss prices. I do not accept secret ads or paid posts.

Reviews: I love to review products, books, etc. that I believe would be of interest to my readers.  I only post positive reviews so on the off chance I accept something to review and end up really disliking it, I will not write a review. My reviews are always clearly marked as reviews and products provided are also clearly indicated. If it isn’t marked as a review, then it is just me waxing eloquent about something I like. :D

Feel free to contact me at Sallie(at)aquietsimplelife(dot)com!

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